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The main scope of LOUKAS is the supply of spare parts according to the needs of shipping/industrial needs whenever it is necessary.

Therefore we can provide all types of spare parts for Main engines and Auxilliary engines swiftly and reliably with the distribution point of Greece for around the world.

Our stock consists of approximately more than 5000 spare parts, Genuine/Licensed,OEM with the necessary documentation, measurements, and guarantee from our licensed and experienced personnel.

Moreover, we can provide 2nd hand spare parts(reconditioned and tested by us) for more economical solutions, which can reduce the operating cost but again with high standards according to the Original specifications.

All parts are coded with our marks for better control-historical retrieval archive-technical measurements to ensure compatibility-inspected for QA/QC.

With a warehouse in Industrial Park of Schisto of 3000m2 and another one at the international airport of Spata of 1000m2, we can provide everything to meet your requirements.

We can collect your old parts from any port of Greece and send them to the next calling-port in time since we are authorized to intervene in the ports without any additional problem.

The logistics service is guaranteed to deliver the products to the customers at any time, accomplishing tight timelines,24/7/365 globally.

Last but not least-warehouse/store service for all of your orders placed here in Greece: you can ask the suppliers here to send all of your orders to our warehouse in Greece, where we arrange the whole package and wait for your forwarding instruction to the vessels.