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LRQA approved our company’s laser cladding procedure

We are happy to inform you that worldwide known in the shipping industry organization LRQA approved our company’s laser cladding procedure!

The process was executed at our high-tech facilities located at Industrial Park of Schisto with our new, robotic-controlled, laser cladding machine, offering high accuracy and stability during the whole procedure.

The part that was used, was a high carbon steel piston rod which demands high antifriction protection during operation. The material used was martensitic stainless steel, resulting a final hardness of 600 HB.

All steps of this process were inspected by the LRQA.  The final result was tested by a specialized Lab which ensured the perfect and efficient completion by thoroughly executing all necessary NDTs at their facilities.

Our company, with its long-term experience since 1948, its highly trained staff, its constantly updating equipment and a huge range of high-quality metal alloys, is ready to give you proper, economic and fast solutions for all your needs.

We look forward to hearing from you in order to arrange a tour in our facilities and discuss the solutions we can give to your individual needs.