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It is essential for a trustworthy organization to repair-fabricate-produce everything from its sources without referring to external sources.

First and foremost, LOUKAS is a label that means truth, trust, and professionalism, and with all that being said, we are responsible for the services we could provide. It is the only way to protect our label, and we are open to any exposure concerning our actions that may have your concerns.

Secondly, that operation has the ultimate advantage to offer its services with the most economical prices of the market when everything thas does is in-house, something critical, and essential for the industrial and shipping field.

LOUKAS has all the heavy-duty machinery and state-to-the-art equipment to increase production continuously without stoppage. Specialized machines such as vertical and horizontal CNC lathes, boring machines, grinding, honing, radials are just a small picture of what our company has invested. In the field of weldings which we are pioneers, there are a plethora of machines such as SMAW, TIG, MIG/MAG, OAW, FCAW, PTA, flame spray, arc spray, plasma spray HVOF, Laser cladding, Chrome plating, Nickel plating in order to make our services optimal

We have the absolute benefit to offer any solution to every problem that may occur to 2 stroke engine, 4 stroke engine, power plants, and generally to any kind that produces energy.

With the ability to manufacture/fabricate parts that there is limited availability in the market also is a factor that it should be considered as an advantage.

Last but not least, more specialized works could be accomplished with precision and agility, such as the manufacturing and re-metalizing of white metal bearings, single and multistage centrifugal pumps, generally pumps, centrilobular and reciprocating compressors, gears, repair of camshafts/crankshafts, water jet propulsion systems, and so many other difficulties.

When complexity and problematic projects may befall, LOUKAS enhances and regulates these conditions with success.