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With the experience of 70 years and the necessary know-how, LOUKAS is the most reliable solution for marine and power plant based engines. Without any limitation, we can intervene in any propulsion and auxiliary engines even to contemporary dual fuel and gas engines onboard or shore-based applications.

The optimum advantage that we have to serve all the operations from in house services, and without any additional 3rd party interference, LOUKAS offers the highest level of support with the minimum cost solutions.

We in LOUKAS are in the marine/industrial field of service, setting everything according to our customer specifications with the capability to alternate and modify accord to their needs.

Our highly trained and experienced engineers are available 24/7/365 to give swift and accurate solutions to any problems that may occur.

Some projects of our vast spectrum that may subserve are the following.


  • Maintenance and overhauling
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Technical consulting service
  • Deck outfitting, maintenance, repairs
  • Grabbers repairs, hydraulic test
  • Shafts repairing
  • Allignments
  • In situ crankshaft, shafts grinding
  • Fuel pump maintenance adjustment-injection timing
  • Replacement of units, suction valves/barrel, and plunger
  • Performance analysis
  • Liner Diameter measurements


In LOUKAS, we have vast experience with diesel engines, and that allows us to provide top-notch technical services for maintenance M/E and A/E-D/G. Highly trained and experienced marine engineers are available 24/7/365 to give swift and cost-effective solutions, thus reducing downtime and cost.

Every type of engine and maker does not have to concern you because we are in close cooperation with Original technical standards and restrictions our technicians are up to date with the latest developments in diesel and gas engine.

Diesel engine projects ranging from preventive and routine maintenance to turn-key installations in which we are capable of.


While problems may occur on deck, we have the most effective solutions. Cases such as damaged mooring winches and anchor winches,cranes-hydraulic jacks, and various pumps like cooling water, lubricating and circulating pumps, blowers, compressors heat exchangers and every mechanical engineering service could be carried out with success.


LOUKAS portfolio doesn’t end here. We are the very best to keep your equipment operational regardless of your location and your needs. With reliable solutions in a practical way, you should feel safe when service is required.