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PTA is a contemporary technology in the field of welding that has large utility in the industrial and shipping sector.

Loukas was the first company that initiates this technology in the greek market at the turn of the century(2000). Until nowadays, it has solved many problems with the usage of components restoration. With two CNC units on our premises, we are always prepared to give a solution to any problem. Using only the best quality powder-only pure alloys with this method- we are capable of repositing materials such as Nimonic 80A, Nimonic 90, Alloy-50, Inconel, Dura-type, and many more.

Plasma Transferred Arc Welding, the PTA process, is used in instances of extreme demands on wear resistance. A high strength metallurgical bond is formed between the superalloy coating overlay and the underlying component, ensuring that the coating isn’t impaired, even under the highest of stresses.


  • Shafts
  • Valve spindles
  • Valve seats
  • Valve housing
  • And many more