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The company was founded in 1948 by Loukas Kontogiannis based in Kaniggos Attica square, having a business, being the main engine accessory repair, as well as their special applications retreading welding, which for that time to own patents over welding and repairing had rig been recognized as irreplaceable.
The business was established very soon in the Greek market and was distinguished for their quality, expertise and the trade capability (financial exchanges), the accountability featuring partners.
In 1962 it was transferred to its own premises in Botanicos Attica.
In 1990 under the pressure and market demand for its products it established a new factory with modern machinery in Piraeus Attica 1200 sq.m 3 floor building complex.
In 2009 in order to produce a new generation and establish new plant, expanding its premises in Perama Attica 2700 sq.m 3 floor building complex.

From its foundation until today with the confidence of customers is steadly rising volume of 30% annual. It provides wide variety of products and complete customers support with study section wear parts and maintenance. The sales network makes it present in all regions of Greece and in response makes the European market, has served in recent years and expert activities.
The division of the warehouse is 1000 sq.m section containing rich stock components of diesel engines repaired perfectly ready to serve your needs on exchange basis and on straight sale. Today the company represents and works with the largest and most qualified firms worldwide, offering high quality products at very affordable prices. Thanks to 65 years experience and having applied the new standard of quality assurance ISO 9001:2008 (certification by Lloyd's London) has succeed to offer high quality products that give your business functioning, organization and excellent profitability.

Loukas vision is to create innovative and high quality products
to offer its clients solutions that cover all their needs

The repair piston crown, piston skirt, valve spindle, valve seat, cylinder cover,
cylinder liner, connecting rods, main engine products that have become widely known
for their superior quality unparalleled functionality, reliability and durability.
To achieve the objectives of LOUKAS exploits and utilizes
- The flexibility and capebilities of technologies
- Technology and human resources experience

Loukas uses both its own high-class infrastructure and also the expertise
and experience. With the infrastructure that is available which achieves:
- To ensure the geographical coverage of the world
- To serve high volume of traffic at all times
- To be extended depending on the needs that will arise
- To have the maximum power available products

Loukas has carefully chosen its people and invests continuously and consistanty
to further specialization and training aiming at the optimization of our products.
The people of our company ensure prompt service to its customers by providing
high quality services that meet fully the growing market needs

The aim of Loukas is to offer flexible and effective solutions to all customers
before the main course but after the sale of products starting.

Here you can see the first balance sheet and Financial Data of Loukas Marine, a subsidiary of Loukas Co.





«Serving the repair-reconditioning field since 1948 we would like to thank you for your support and to inform you that we will not stop investing in new technologies / techniques to fully meet the requirements of new engines.»


General Manager Ceo / Sales Dept


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We Care Did

you know that repairing parts except of making economy, also protect the environment? Repairing parts consume 30% less energy than new construction. Loukas takes care of the protection of the environment and works constantly for the research and the implementation of new ways to protect the environment. Goals that have achieve collect and tranport of metal scrap shavings and chemical acid chromium for recycling and toxic deactivation.

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