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Using PTA technology we are able to repair all kinds of models with ease. Referring, we run the following repair programs: Stellite, N80a, N90, Fukudalloy-Alloy 50, Dura-type spindle.


*For other types please contact our personel in order to help you

Old Stellite valves convertion to Duratype!
Νοw it’s possible in our workshop. Ask our Service Department for the specific machine types we can manage!


  1. Cleaning process with hydro blasting
  2. Sandblasting
  3. Measurement form
  4. Premachining combustion space, seating area, diameter
  5. Liquid penetrant testing
  6. Total rebuilding with sub-merged arc wires (Mg and heat resistant stainless steels)as per authorized welding procedure
  7. Machining in horizontal lathe at std instructions, opening groove of the seating area depth 5 mm for receiving stelite
  8. Liquid penetrant testing
  9. Hardfacing seating area using PTA technology with stelite 450 Hb
  10. Machining seating area std instructions
  11. Premachining 0.5 mm valve stem
  12. Metalizing valve stem using hvof or even thermospray
  13. Machining valve stem 0.2 mm over std
  14. Grinding valve stem std
  15. Final inspection liquid penetrant testing, geometrical control, measurement form syntax
  16. Company sealing or Lloyd’s abrasion resistant coating

Right now our company can recondition the following types of spindles with absolute success:
Stellite - Alloy 50 - Duratype - N80a - N90

Our repair programs exceeds:
Stellite: over 8.000 hrs
Nimonic: over 15.000 hrs

A large stock will satisfy your needs on exchange basis


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We Care Did

you know that repairing parts except of making economy, also protect the environment? Repairing parts consume 30% less energy than new construction. Loukas takes care of the protection of the environment and works constantly for the research and the implementation of new ways to protect the environment. Goals that have achieve collect and tranport of metal scrap shavings and chemical acid chromium for recycling and toxic deactivation.

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